Polypropylene is the most important derivative of propylene, making up around 70% of propylene demand today. There are three different types; Homopolymer (HPP), Random Copolymers (RCPP) and Impact Copolymers (ICPP), each with different production processes and chemical and physical properties. Polypropylene’s physical properties make it a versatile material used for the production of durable and non-durable goods and has many far reaching applications and demand sectors such as packaging, textiles (fibres) and the automotive industry. Polypropylene can also be compounded and oriented to further improve its properties to meet end-use requirements and specifications.

Our Global Polypropylene Long-Term outlook consists of four deliverable files:

  • Polypropylene capacities and projects
  • Trade Visualisation Tool
  • Supply-Demand Dashboard and Model
  • Price, Cost and Margins

All include easy to access interactive graphics, filters and accessible data and assumptions.

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Long Term Supply & Demand

Coming soon – build your commercial understanding and strategic plans with integrated “Chain” reports bringing together our Propylene and Polypropylene analysis.