Discover why polyethylene (PE) is one of the largest derivatives of ethylene on the market.  Polyethylene is a commodity plastic and is the largest derivative of ethylene, accounting for around 60% of total ethylene demand.

PE is a family of three different polymers – high density (HDPE), linear-low density and low density (LDPE).

Benefit from industry-leading data on polyethylene price and global markets

With 30 years experience in chemicals and polymer market research, your business will thrive with our commercially focused short-term and long-term strategic data.

Our Global Polyethylene Long-Term outlook consists of four downloadable excel files: (1) Polyethylene capacities and projects; (2) Trade Visualisation Tool; (3) Supply-Demand Dashboard and Model; (4) Price, Cost and Margins. All of these are designed with ease-of-use in mind and include interactive graphics for data visualisation, tabular data sets and assumptions.

Access our long-term outlook via the Wood Mackenzie portal.

Long Term Supply & Demand
Ethane to polyethylene: advantage North America study

Coming soon – build your commercial understanding and strategic plans with integrated “Chain” reports bringing together our Ethylene and Polyethylene price analysis.

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