Discover why polyethylene (PE) is one of the largest derivatives of ethylene on the market.  Polyethylene is a commodity plastic and is the largest derivative of ethylene, accounting for around 60% of total ethylene demand.

PE is a family of three different polymers – high density (HDPE), linear-low density and low density (LDPE).

Benefit from industry-leading data on polyethylene price and global markets

Long Term Supply & Demand

Our Polyethylene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service consists of four downloadable excel files: (1) Polyethylene capacities and projects; (2) Trade Visualisation Tool; (3) Supply-Demand Dashboard and Model; (4) Price, Cost and Margins. All of these are designed with ease-of-use in mind and include interactive graphics for data visualisation, tabular data sets and assumptions.

Updated twice a year, you can use our detailed supply/demand and trade data together with forecasts to understand the strategic drivers of polypropylene and its key derivatives.

Our research includes nameplate propylene production capacities by company and region for China, Asia, Greater Europe, North America, Latin America and Caribbean, Middle East and Africa. It includes our detailed, realistic s-curve forecasting tool and our proprietary trade visualisation tool.

Data are provided both in tabular and interactive graphical formats.

Access our long-term outlook via the Wood Mackenzie portal.

Ethane to polyethylene: advantage North America study

This imminent polyethylene supply explosion is going to have significant fallout in world polyethylene markets, but where exactly, to what extent and who is affected for better or worse? Learn more about our Ethane to polyethylene: advantage North America study and how it can benefit your business.

Coming soon – build your commercial understanding and strategic plans with integrated “Chain” reports bringing together our Ethylene and Polyethylene price analysis.

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