Recycled PET

Discover how global markets work for recycled PET and how your business could benefit from insight on recycled polyethylene terephthalate.

Our monthly report tracks global developments in recycled polyethylene terephthalate markets, which includes an overview of new applications, regulatory updates and rpet prices. With our accessible proprietary data and analysis, you can quickly assess major developments in demand, capacity and pricing worldwide.

RPET Business Report

rpet_businessGain a comprehensive overview and analysis of key market developments and their impact on the RPET industry with our RPET Business Report. Data covers:

  • RPET Prices and margin developments
  • New technology
  • New product developments
  • Capacity changes
  • Utilisation
  • Regulations
  • Demand
  • Raw materials
  • End use markets

Subscribers receive email market updates on major developments as part of the service while our specialist consultants are available if you require access to greater insight.

RPET Supply Demand Database

The PET Recycling Supply Demand Database is a comprehensive set of data on recycled polyethylene terephthalate worldwide. The database, which is updated quarterly, comprises:

  • PET Recycling Supply Demand database
  • Historical PET Recycling Supply Demand database
  • rpet prices database

The analysis includes:

  • Current and ten year projections for PET bottle collection by country and region
  • Reclaimers’ capacities
  • End users by key applications
  • Trade flows
  • Regional mass balances and projections
  • Twenty year data set for bales and flake prices

Clients may subscribe to the entire data set or individual components. Please contact us to discuss tailoring the data to your specific requirements.

RPET Market Overview

When you need to brief your sales teams on key events, market changes and trends driving the RPET industry on a regional or global level, and update your senior management on sustainability strategies, our RPET Market Overview service can provide the insight and independent guidance you need. This succinct package of 30 slides includes latest collection activity, developments in reclamation capacity, regulatory updates, supply/demand balances, pricing trends and an overview of the drivers of end use markets.

RPET Product Prices Forecast

Explore the future pricing outlook for crude oil and recycled PET with our detailed view of virgin PET resin, RPET flake and RPET Food Grade Pellet. Understand the pricing outlook for each month over the next 12 months and by quarter over the subsequent two years, for both the US and Western Europe. Combined with 12 months’ actual historical prices, this comprehensive service helps you frame your commercial plans and test your long-term strategy.

RPET Study - 2016 West Europe

Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate Study 2016 | PCI Wood MackenzieThis comprehensive study provides an account of Recycled PET collection volumes in 2016 and projections to 2021, by country. A full analysis of the reclamation capacity in the region is included along with the supply demand balance for bottles and the end uses for processed flake.

A market overview for the region provides a summary and analysis of pricing trends throughout the year is also included.

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RPET China Waste Import Ban Study

The influence of the Chinese PET recycling industry on the rest of the world is significant.

This study analyses the developments in China that led to the Chinese government’s announcement that waste imports, including PET, are to be banned from the end of 2017.

The impact of the ban, which has serious repercussions; not only for the Chinese fibre industry but also for those trading with China, is reviewed in this report along with our assessment of prospective outcomes.

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