Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resin is the most widely used thermoplastic polymer resin in polyethylene packaging. Extruded or moulded into plastic bottles and containers, it is used to create rigid packaging for the food and consumer industry.

Whether you are a raw materials producer, a resin producer, a resin converter, an investor, technology provider or in the recycle business, our commercially-focused insight and detailed proprietary data in polyethylene terephthalate markets, enables you to pinpoint value and manage risk in this extensive and complex global industry.

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PET Resin Prices Asia Weekly

The PET Resin Prices Asia Weekly Report provides an overview of the level of business and transactions involving PET resin in Asian markets and additionally gives near-term price forecasts for exports. This report is issued at the beginning of every week and provides succinct information on the PET resin Asian deal price range concluded at the end of the previous week and offer price range for the current week. It also provides indicator pricing for PET resin exports from Asia on arrival in various parts of the world. The report provides a short term forecast for PET resin prices exported from China.

Monthly Services

PET Packaging Business Report | Polyethylene Terephthalate | PCI Wood MackenzieUnderstand key changes in the PET business environment with our PET Global Monthly Market Overview. This service offers you leading analysis of PET market developments to help you understand the operating outlook, supported by analysis of major developments in demand, capacity and pricing worldwide, including leading contract reference prices. Content includes updates on:

  • National and/or regional pricing (PET and key raw materials)
  • PET resin demand and end use applications
  • Capacity changes and utilisation rates
  • Technology and new product developments
  • Trade flows
  • Regulations

Subscribers receive email flashes on major new developments between publications as part of the service and, on an ad-hoc basis, specialist staff are available for informal telephone / email interaction..

Quarterly Services

The PET Strategic Supply:Demand Database provides a numerical assessment of:

  • Recent and 10 year projection of PET demand, by end use and by country with regional and global summaries
  • Current PET producer capabilities and projected investments by country/region
  • Current and projected supply:demand balances giving an indication of net inter-regional trade and regional production volumes

Regions include North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, West Europe, East Europe, Indian Subcontinent, China, North East Asia and Rest of Asia.

The PET Tactical Supply:Demand and Market Balances provides a numerical assessment of PET supply, demand and trade by quarter for up to 12 quarters. This service is aimed at offering more resolution of resin demand (allowing for seasonality), capacity changes and trade flows by region resulting in a projected PET production operating rate by quarter to aid short to mid-term tactical market planning.

The regions covered are North America, South America, Africa, Middle East, West Europe, East Europe, Indian Subcontinent, China, North East Asia and Rest of Asia.

The PET & Raw Materials Price Forecast provides our view of projected PET, PX, PTA and MEG prices on a monthly basis for twelve months and quarterly for up to the next two years. These data are provided for the three key regions of US, EU and Asia.

The PET Market Overview is designed to help you understand the issues driving PET resin demand, supply and inter-regional trade markets globally and in your region in chart format. Offering support for your sales and commercial planning, The 30+ slide content may be used as a ready briefing product for either senior management and/or sales or purchasing teams involved in the development of the business. It includes:

  • Concise summary of recent market developments
  • Regional and world demand summaries
  • Updates of capacity changes by region
  • Regional Supply:Demand balances
  • Current and projected inter-regional trade of PET resin
  • Recent pricing and trends
  • Rigid Packaging sustainability initiatives

Our PET Trade Database provides a quarterly record as Excel spreadsheets, of PET trade flows enabling clients to analyse trends and potential opportunities that arise from inter-regional trade. The service includes:

  • Export data for most reporting PET producers, by country and by region
  • Import data for the principal importing nations by country and by region
  • World trade matrix with annual analysis of global trade flows
  • The interactive database enables you to make year on year comparisons and analyse the quarterly performance of each producer or importer nation.


Historical PET Prices and Historic Supply:Demand

Historical PET Prices
This service provides a record of monthly polyethylene terephthalate (PET) prices for many countries along with indexed prices for the key regions of Asia, West Europe and North America.

Historical Supply:Demand
This service provides a record of PET demand and PET supply at national and regional levels with a global summary. Demand is segmented for key use applications. Whilst supply is presented giving individual company capacities and the country of their location

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