Polyamide Nylon

Our research helps businesses in the nylon industry make crucial decisions based on supply/demand of polyamide nylon and fundamental raw materials through intermediates, chemicals and polymers to all of the significant end-use applications including fibres, engineering plastics and films.

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Nylon Intermediates & Fibres Monthly Market Overview

Nylon Intermediates and Fibres Report - Polyamide and Nylon Industry | PCI Wood Mackenzie

The monthly Nylon Intermediates and Fibres Global Monthly Market Overview covers market news and analysis, reference prices and trade data for polyamide nylon, feedstocks, intermediates and fibres for Asia, the Americas and Europe.

In addition to the benchmark industry report, benefit from access to our consultants, our online database with current and historic prices of products covered by the report and a 12 month rolling forecast. In between reports, benefit from our e-flashes to inform you about important developments within the PA industry.

Our abbreviated Mandarin version of the Nylon Intermediates and Fibres Global Monthly Market Overview is becoming more popular and is also available on a monthly basis.

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PA6 PA66 Global Supply Demand Analytics Service

PA6 PA66 Global Supply Demand Analytics Service

Explore and evaluate trends and growth opportunities in the global polyamide and nylon industry with our comprehensive overview of supply and demand trends in the annual PA6 PA66 Global Supply Demand Analytics Service (formerly called the Yellowbook). Whether you are a business analyst, marketing director, sourcing executive or product manager, use our detailed database to understand where growth opportunities lie and to compare the outlook for PA6 and PA66 polymers.

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Cost benchmarks

Understanding your cost competitiveness is a prerequisite to developing a successful business strategy for the polyamide nylon market. Our extensive portfolio of proprietary economic process models offers you insight on the majority of the world’s polyamide production facilities. These models cover variable and cash cost analysis, including raw material costs and consumption rates, utility costs and consumption rates, asset operating rates, process yields, capital investment, labour numbers and rates, maintenance and logistics.

Company profiles

When you need clear, insightful competitive intelligence on polyamide nylon and the leading players in the polyamide and nylon industry, our Company Profiles offer you strategic analyses on both publicly-quoted and privately-owned businesses. Each profile draws on experienced and well-researched analysis that can answer your questions and raise some strategic angles you may not have thought of.

The profiles typically cover the following topics:

  • Assets – What is the company’s asset configuration and degree of vertical integration?  How balanced are the assets across the production chain and where are the vulnerabilities in raw material supply, or in routes to market?
  • Products & Markets– What is the balance of sales between different products, market sectors and geographic locations, and (using our bottom-up analysis) which products are the most profitable?
  • Financial Performance– In brief, what is the financial performance of the whole company?  And in a more extensive and forensic analysis, what is the performance of its PA-related business divisions?
  • Business strategy– How effective is the strategy of the PA business, and how does it fit with the overall company strategy?
  • Competitors– How does the company stack up against its competitors and what is its relative cost position?

The current portfolio of  Profiles includes: Asahi Kasei, Ascend Performance Materials, BASF, CPDC, Domo, DSM, DuPont, EMS, Honeywell, Invista, Lanxess, Rhodia / Solvay, Shenma, Sinopec, Sumitomo, Ube, Univex

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Engineering Plastics

Integrated with our nylon and polyamide research, get a detailed understanding of engineering plastics.

From polyamide nylon industry producers and compounders to additive and glass fibre manufacturers, our complete overview of this fast growing market affords you broader and deeper view of key trends and opportunities.

Our services provide you with :

  • Detailed market research and analysis
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Strategic market analysis and business planning
  • Support with defining new product opportunities
  • Market and product diversification strategies
  • Merger and acquisition screening , selection and due diligence

Nylon engineering thermoplastics (ETPs) are compounded from neat nylon resin with a broad range of additives, including glass fibres, minerals, flame retardants, pigments, lubricants and processing aids. ETPs can contain typically 5-40% (w/w) of non-nylon material. Nylon ETPs offer high tensile strength, good creep resistance, excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and low coefficients of friction.

The combination of high strength, low weight and flexibility make them ideal replacement materials for metal. Accordingly the major market sectors for engineering plastics globally are automotive (39%), electrical & electronic (24%), general industrial applications (13%) and non-film extrusion applications (11%). The remainder is used in a broad range of other sectors including construction and consumer products. Nylon ETPs compete with nylon fibres for raw materials and waste fibre is utilised heavily as an ETP feedstock. ETP markets represent around a third of Nylon 6 and over half of Nylon 66 polymer demand and are forecast to continue growing at 3.1% CAGR (2015-2025).

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