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Benefit from industry-leading polyester film market reports from PCI Wood Mackenzie. The biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film industry has seen many structural changes geographically over the last 10-15 years with Asian countries now dominating production and consumption.

Gain in-depth market data on the polyester film industry

The industry has experienced significant change in its customer base as base film demand moved from large-volume technical applications, such as imaging and magnetic tape, towards commodities in flexible packaging and other industrial end uses. In recent years some of the fastest growing markets have been in the electrical and electronics sector where new thick film applications in flat panel screens and PV cells have stimulated demand.

Understand current trends and growth opportunities in polyester film today with our short term market monitoring and long term strategic services; providing you with the latest insight by our expert consultants.

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Monthly Pricing

European BOPET Films Monthly | PCI Wood MackenzieEuropean BOPET Film Monthly Pricing Series
North American BOPET Film Monthly Pricing Series 

Our monthly BOPET Film pricing reports are compiled through discussions with both polyester film buyers and sellers, taking into account raw material prices, various polyester applications, competitor analysis, an overview of global trade scenarios and quarterly contract updates.

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  • Plan now in case of future turbulence, to gain stability and identify the triggers before they occur.
  • Understand why costs are moving and make informed business decisions based on independent and authoritative expert insight and analysis.
  • Suppliers: Support selling negotiations and justify changes in your pricing.
  • Buyers: Ensure you continue to pay a fair and competitive price for your materials.
  • Gain a more accurate indication of actual flexible packaging costs compared to raw material prices alone, these are not available anywhere else.


Quarterly Market Overview

Polyester Film Quarterly Review | PCI Wood MackenziePolyester Films Quarterly Report is a short term quarterly market monitoring service, providing indices of average selling prices, announcements of new film extrusion capacity and discussions of demand drivers, all with analysis by our highly experienced consultants, supported by 20 years’ data and pricing. Each quarterly edition covers global markets and contains actual BOPET film pricing, not found anywhere else.

Contact chemicals@woodmac.com to receive a sample edition.


  • Support buying and selling negotiations with actual pricing for polyester film and other flexible substrates in Europe, China and the USA, delivered every quarter.
  • Understand how short and long term trends and developments in the polyester film supply chain impact you, with expert insights.
  • Make informed decisions with unbiased, independent analysis of the drivers of changes within the industry.
  • Gain access to valuable primary research conducted by our own expert consultants and researchers, not found anywhere else.
  • Save valuable time and money by finding all relevant and recent polyester film industry announcements and new developments in one document.


Long Term Supply & Demand

Gain insights into supply/demand trends and key growth drivers in BOPET Films with our latest BOPET Film Supply Demand Study

The report contains

  • The most comprehensive supply/demand market data set.
  • Detailed volume statistics for a five year historic period and expert forecasts for another five years.
  • Market volume statistics demand by film type, historic and forecast.
  • Detailed reviews of capacity, production, trade flows and demand by major consuming market.
  • End use volume statistics by region/major country.
  • Capacity statistics by producer.


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