Polyamide Film

Most bi-oriented polyamide film (BOPA or Nylon film) is made from nylon 6 resin, a highly crystalline polymer which can be difficult to process.

Compared to BOPET or BOPP films markets, the global market for BOPA film is very much a niche segment in terms of volume within the mainstream flexible packaging material sector, due to its superior puncture resistance, higher tensile strength, better temperature tolerance, and superior gas and odour barrier give it an advantage in some applications.

Industry-leading data with our polyamide film market report

When you need to understand trends and growth opportunities in polyamide film, our long term strategic service will provide you with the latest insight on products made with nylon 6 resin by our expert consultants.

BOPA Film Global Supply Demand Study to 2022 | Nylon 6 Resin | PCI Wood MackenziePCI Wood Mackenzie’s authoritative study, BOPA Film Global Supply Demand Study to 2022 offers you the broadest and deepest analysis of the market’s supply/demand situation at the time of publication. The study is based on original field research blended with historic data and knowledge of global capacity growth, demand growth drivers and end use markets. This report provides essential data and analysis on the world BOPA film market, designed to help you set your business strategy wherever you sit in the global market.

The polyamide film market report contains:

  • Comprehensive supply/demand market data.
  • Market volume statistics and analysis for a five year historic period and expert forecasts for another five years.
  • Detailed reviews of capacity, production, trade flows and demand by major consuming country.
  • End use volume statistics and forecasts by region and country.
  • Line by line capacity data by film producer.
  • A forecasting tool to build your own scenarios.

Also included with your pdf report is our new interactive dashboard. To see a demonstration please contact chemicals@woodmac.com.

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