Flexible Packaging

Flexible packaging is produced through adding value to a wide variety of substrate materials including speciality plastic films, paper and aluminium foil. Companies producing packaging, supply customised packaging solutions to a wide range of end use customers in the European flexible packaging market and beyond.

The global market for this type of packaging has been dominated by the affluent markets of Europe and North America over the last 15-20 years. The market is now seeing significant growth in many of the world’s emerging economies. Keeping track of both upstream and downstream market trends while trying to maximise added value can be difficult and this is where PCI Wood Mackenzie’s 20 years of monitoring can help.

In-depth analysis on the European flexible packaging market and beyond

When you need to understand trends and growth opportunities in regional and global markets our short term monitoring and long term strategic service will provide you with the latest insight by our expert consultants.

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Quarterly Market Overview
Flexible Packaging Quarterly Review

World Flexible Packaging TrendsAchieve your strategic vision, enhance materials negotiations and keep abreast of competitor and market issues with our market monitoring service, Flexible Packaging Quarterly Review.

Issued quarterly, and available as a global or regional service, the report provides detail on flexible substrate material pricing, current market trends in printing and laminating, mergers and acquisitions activity and end use market trends for the following five regions: Europe, North America, Central & South America, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa.

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  • Support buying and selling negotiations with actual flexible substrate pricing for every region delivered every quarter.
  • Understand how short and long term trends and developments taking place in the industry impact you, with expert insights.
  • Make informed decisions with unbiased, independent analysis of the drivers of changes within the industry.
  • Gain access to valuable primary research conducted by our own expert consultants and researchers, not found anywhere else.
  • Save valuable time and money by finding all relevant and recent industry announcements and new developments in one document.


Long Term Supply & Demand
Flexible Packaging Supply/Demand Reports

PCI Wood Mackenzie’s annual strategic reports covering regional flexible packaging markets help clients to identify threats and opportunities in three key markets: Europe, North America and India.

Each study provides a complete ‘market map’ of the region’s packaging industry and market demand, historically and looking forward including highly detailed statistical breakdowns and expert interpretation of the regional market by country and by end-use market sector.

The regional reports contain

  • Analysis of the major factors driving demand in converted flexible packaging by end use and by country
  • Statistical tables and figures of historic growth to 2015 by value and volume and value forecasts.
  • Detailed reviews of production, trade flows and demand by major consuming market.

**New Interactive Excel Dashboard**

Our latest flexible packaging market reports covering the European and Indian flexible packaging markets are both available to purchase with a new interactive excel dashboard. This valuable tool presents country and regional analysis in a user friendly visual format allowing the user to extract production, consumption and end-use data at country or regional level into pre-formatted tables and charts.

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