Polymers research

Benefit from polymers research, data and market trends

Understand trends and opportunities in polymers research by using polyethylenepolyester/PET and polypropylene market data.

We also offer extensive research on the polypropylene (BOPP) film markets. Benefit from the latest market updates, analysis, data provision and consultant support.

  • Subscription services covering the major polymers, rigid and flexible packaging
  • Regular market trend reports
  • Independent, confidential consultancy services
  • Online polymer data with supply/demand data, price histories, forecasts, trade data
  • Specialist industry data e.g. on packaging, recycled polymer, automotive.

Understand key market segments with our polymer market reports

Understand the complete polyester chain, including polyester & raw materialsPET resin packaging and recycled PET resin (RPET) usage, as well as a range of market reports on polyester film.

On polyamide, review comprehensive data and insight on all aspects of the market from nylon polymers to polyamide (BOPA) films.