The European Polyester Industry Conference

Our leading Polyester Industry Conference for Europe

The European Polyester Industry Conference, 29-30 September 2017, Berlin, Germany

Broaden your understanding of the global polyester industry chain from feedstock developments through raw materials to polyester fibres, PET resin & film markets

Benefit from truly integrated understanding of this dynamic industry. Our experts offer you in-depth analysis of the driving forces across the business sectors from Energy and Refining through PX, PTA, DMT, EO-MEG, Polyester Fibres, PET Resin and Film.

Who should attend? Senior business planners, procurement leads, heads of strategy and lead salespeople and marketers from around the globe attend this established annual event, directly before EPCA, seeking independent analysis of short and longer term commercial trends in the polyester industry. The agenda provides focused presentations on key topics and allows plenty of networking sessions with senior industry colleagues and our expert team.

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