The 2016 World Fibres Conference

Our World Fibres Conference returned to Hong Kong, 9-10 November 2016

Senior leaders from across industry joined our expert team to discuss the latest developments affecting the global fibres industry as China comes to terms with overcapacity and increasing competition at all levels.

World fibres conferenceMarket leaders from the global synthetic and natural fibres chains joined experts from across our team for a focused 1.5 day agenda of presentations by PCI Wood Mackenzie consultants and industry guest speakers. As with all of our specialist conferences, there were plenty of networking opportunities with senior colleagues from across the world.

Themes under discussion included:

  • How is China coming to terms with overcapacity at a stage when local demand is slowing down and global competition is intensifying?
  • How are changing demographic profiles impacting expenditure and what does this mean in terms of demand by fibre type and the resultant technology shifts required in a rapidly evolving industry, including latest trends in recycle?
  • What is the impact of rising energy costs and what consequences lie ahead in 2017 through the refining and fibre raw material segments?

For more information please contact Abigail Eaton