Our targeted suite of conferences, established over 25 years, are the leading networking events for the polyester, nylon  and fibres industries.

Senior business managers, strategic planners, purchasers, business analysts, marketers and commercial leaders attend. They come not only to hear the latest analysis and benefit from our experts’ independent insight on the trends shaping the polyester and nylon industries, but also to meet with peers and hear the latest industry news from colleagues.

The American Nylon Symposium

Atlanta, Georgia

5-6 April 2017

The European Polyester Industry Conference

Berlin, Germany

29-30 September 2017

The World Fibres Conference

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Fibres Conference in Hong Kong

The World Fibres Conference

The Americas Polyester Industry Conference

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Polyester Conference in Houston

The European Nylon Symposium

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Nylon Symposium in Frankfurt