Ethylene Oxide, EODs and Glycols

Identify commercial opportunities and evaluate long term trends with market-leading data and research on the ethylene oxide, glycols and other derivatives industries. Our comprehensive global service allows you to review commercial opportunities in the context of strategic supply/demand trend analysis. Use the dynamic data together with our interactive asset cost models to understand where opportunities lie for your specific business.

With everything from daily express news updates to our long term strategic service you can build an understanding of this market based on a clear picture of production capacity, supply/demand globally and by region, market trends and day-to-day price fluctuations.

With our leading long term supply/demand services, and monthly report service you can also interrogate and analyse a complete overview of production capacity, supply/demand data, plus insight on market activity and trends, including a vital price forecast service.

Keep up with day-to-day price fluctuations with the daily express and follow weekly trends, including a 3 month price forecast, through the regional weekly report services.

Our ‘Related Services’ include various one off studies such as:

  • Ethoxylates & PEGs: A Strategic Review
  • Targeting growth in difficult markets: Ethanolamines 2015-2026
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