Synthetic Fibres Index

The PCI Wood Mackenzie Synthetic Fibres List and Index is produced monthly and tracks relative prices for the major synthetic fibres.

Taking a weighted basket of prices for acrylic, nylon, polyester and polypropylene filament yarns and staple fibres for Asia/Far East on a CFR basis and the USA and West Europe on a delivered basis. Get a snapshot of global fibre prices with our our synthetic fibres list giving your business invaluable insight with our monthly Fibres Report.


The tables below give a sample of the Index; more detail is available on request – please contact for more information.

Aug-16 Jul-17 Aug-17
World 157.8 172.6 175.2
Asia/FE 119.4 132.8 135.3
USA 254.6 262.8 263.2
W Europe 190.1 216.9 221.8


Updated: 24th Aug 2017