Topical studies

New Global Spandex Market Report 2017 out now.  See below. Use our detailed topical analysis to understand trends and analyse key aspects of global and regional fibres’ markets in more detail with our themed services. To learn more about our fibres services, contact

Textile Pipeline

Our Textile Pipeline reports explore a different aspect of the fibres and textile industry in each issue, with insight and data not readily available from any other source.  The format allows for a regular update of broad trends in fibre capacity, production and textile demand.

Some issues address developments in fibres and in textile and apparel trade across major and emerging fibre producing and consuming countries.  Sometimes the Textile Pipeline explores global fibre demand and supply throughout different regions, drawing on the results of the Red Book analysis.  These issues focus on the changing dynamics within the fibres industry such as the declining share of cotton, the rising importance of filament and the potential impact of trade agreements on regional fibre capacity and production.  Some recent examples of the Textile Pipeline are available via our on demand platform (click on the linked reports to purchase them online):

  • US Markets Overview
  • Western Europe
  • Egypt
  • Stretch Yarns
  • Africa and Middle Eastern Markets
  • Cotton

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Dissolving Woodpulp Report

The Dissolving Woodpulp Report will be available in Q3 2018. Use it to get insight on demand, supply and production trends for DWP and high performance cellulosic  (HPC) fibres including viscose, lyocell and cellulosic fibres including cellulose acetate, cellulose ethers and microcrystalline cellulose. With detailed analysis of the structure and development of supply and demand, based on analysis of the key DWP fibres and different products made from HPC, this is the market’s most comprehensive and detailed analytical breakdown.  There is also detailed analysis on production capacity and an environmental assessment for DWP production and downstream processing.

Spandex Market Report

The Global Spandex Market Report 2017 is available now.  Use this report for an update on major tendencies in the use of spandex in apparel.  As garments become more comfortable and presenting a complimentary profile, how much spandex is being used and with which other base yarn?  How is recycling being addressed when PES or PA materials are mixed with PU fibres?

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