The European Polyester Industry Conference

Europe’s leading polyester conference for the textile industry

Visit the 25th European Polyester Industry Conference on 29-30 September 2017 in Berlin and broaden your understanding of the textile industry, in particular polyester. Gain the latest textile industry data effecting the polyester industry and it’s impact on global markets.

Delegates will gain an invaluable understanding of the global polyester industry chain from feedstock developments through raw materials to polyester fibres, PET resin and film markets.

The European Polyester Industry Conference brings together key industry players for a comprehensive overview of economic, technical, environmental and commercial themes affecting the European polyester industry.

Why attend?

Senior business planners, procurement leads, heads of strategy and lead salespeople and marketers from around the globe attend this established annual event, directly before EPCA, seeking independent analysis of short and longer term commercial trends in the polyester and textile industry.

  • Network with colleagues from across the polyester industry
  • Hear market trends and forecasts from industry experts
  • Optimise your market position with key business strategies
  • Understand the mechanics of the global and European polyester value chain

30 September – Full day Conference

Benefit from a truly integrated understanding of the Polyester industry through textile industry data and expert speakers. Our specialists offer in-depth analysis of the driving forces across the business sectors.

Topics for this year’s Conference include:

  • Global economy
  • Energy and feedstocks
  • Paraxylene
  • Global ethylene
  • MEG
  • PTA
  • Fibres
  • Asia
  • Recycle
  • PET

29 September – Optional Afternoon Sessions (these session are now full)

Training session Recycle and RPET.

Led by Philip Marshall and Helen McGeough this interactive 1 hour session will allow attendees to ask question about the industry which up until now have dare not ask. With minimal slide presentations and the opportunity for more open discussions on a personal level which is not possible within a large conference forum.

Our experts will cover the PET recycle processes with insights into the differences between chemical and mechanical recycling.  Exploring the current collection and retention systems and how these may evolve over the coming years, looking into what infrastructure will be required when PET use approaches 40M Tonnes within the next 10 years.

Also covered in this session:

  • The drivers to RPET flake pricing
  • How virgin chip impact pricing and what is the cost base today for recyclers.

The PX Asset Cost Tool Service – Training and Teaching Session

This 1.5 hour session led by Gordon Haire will provide an informal and interactive review of how PX technology and feedstocks have evolved.  This will be an introduction to the PCI Wood Mackenzie’s analytical tools which are used  to anticipate the impact on regional pricing both short term and long term utilising textile industry data.

  • The link between the evolution of PX Technology/Feedstocks and Price Forecasting.
  • Where are the price support mechanisms for PX in a long market?
  • Differences between regions?

Venue Details

This year’s conference will take place at the Sofitel Berlin Kurfürstendamm, Berlin, Germany.

For further details or for more information on the conference please contact