Propylene and Derivatives

Gain insight into propylene price and global markets with our consultancy package. Our propylene and derivatives service offers data on commercial trends in polypropylene, supply/demand and capacity.

Identify the right data that meets your businesses needs and the opportunities that will grow your business, enabling you to build a detailed understanding of this complex global industry.

Industry-leading data from propylene market experts

Underpinned by our long term data and analysis, use our suite of propylene research to understand the feedstock trends and also to build a picture of supply/demand of propylene’s key derivatives, particularly polypropylene.

PCI Wood Mackenzie offers a bespoke consultancy service that provides businesses with market specific data on propylene price and European and Asian propylene markets.

Business Report Services

Assess the context of supply/demand, price-cost margins and asset capacity in the USA with detailed data and charts including a review of European and Asian propylene markets.
The service includes:

  • Monthly Market Report and online data
  • Consultant support

The monthly market report includes:

  • Monthly overview of short term supply/demand
  • Price-cost margins analysis
  • Propylene asset review by coker/depropanizer/FCC and by region
  • Current issues and trends discussion
  • Detailed commercial analysis for North American propylene, including polypropylene outlook, supplemented by international review of markets in Europe and Asia
  • Graphical representation of key trends with supporting data online
  • Typically 20 slide report
Long Term Supply & Demand

Updated twice a year, our Propylene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service includes detailed data and forecasts to help you assess the strategic drivers of propylene and its key derivatives. Our research includes nameplate propylene production capacities by company and location for existing propylene production our assessment of the projects’ timing and likelihood.

Data are provided both in tabular and interactive graphical formats.

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