Ethylene and Derivatives

Gain essential insight into supply/demand, capacity developments and forecast with our Ethylene and Derivatives Service.

Our consultancy service enables you to understand today’s markets in context of tomorrow’s trends.

Cutting edge data on ethylene price and markets

Underpinned by our long term data and analysis, our service provides you with an overview of price and markets. Use our service to understand feedstock trends and also build a picture of supply/demand of ethylene’s key derivatives, particularly polyethylene.

We provide detailed analysis on the ethylene market, taking into account supply/demand, cracker feedstocks and key derivatives.

North American Business Report Services

Explore detailed, asset-level analysis of supply/demand, cracker feedstocks and key derivatives, including polyethylene, to provide a comprehensive forecast view of price, costs and margins. Our proprietary data and charts provide the latest insight on North American ethylene capacity and market trends for the near term.

Assess the context of North American ethylene supply/demand and pricing with insight on European and Asian markets.

The service includes:

  • Monthly Market Report and online data with interactive visualization tools and spreadsheet models
  • Detailed price forecasts, extensive asset-level supply demand balances and inventory analysis
  • Consultant and analyst support

The short term North American ethylene service includes:

  • Monthly overview of supply/demand, accounting for inventories, outages and new capacities for 18-36 months
  • Price forecasts and cost-margin analysis, compared against forward curve market expectations and inventory trends for actionable insight
  • Complete volumetric (feedstocks, operating rate and yield) and economic analysis on a monthly basis for every regional producing asset
  • Detailed commercial analysis for the North American ethylene outlook, including feedstocks and key derivatives such as polyethylene and styrene, supplemented by international review of markets in Europe and Asia
  • New capacity developments for US, Canada and Mexico
  • Graphical representation of key trends with supporting data online
  • Typically 20 slide report
Global Supply Demand Analytics Service

Our Ethylene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service provides long-term capacity and trade data and price forecasts, updated twice a year, to help you assess the strategic drivers of ethylene and its key derivatives, with nameplate ethylene production capacities by company and location for existing ethylene production assets around the world.

There is also a listing of all announced projects, including our assessment of the projects’ timing and likelihood. Data are provided both in tabular and interactive graphical formats.

Ethylene Asset Cost Tool

The Ethylene Asset Cost Tool enables you to view detailed asset-level supply information, including ethylene price, from across the marketplace.


By conducting research into everyone individual ethylene asset, we deliver a deeper level of insight across the entire industry. This Microsoft Excel-based tool includes:

  • An asset-by-asset evaluation of cost and production metrics
  • Asset, country, region and world analytics through single asset or multi-asset visualisations
  • Historical outages, feedstock changes and an application of varying utilisation rates to provide a real world view of ethylene assets
China's coal- and methanol-based olefins study

How China’s constrained olefin supply and increasing demand will impact non-traditional processes.

As China’s coal- and methanol-based olefins continue to develop, the most common questions our clients have asked are:

  • How economically competitive will they be?
  • How will they impact Chinese olefin prices?
  • How do they compare with other production routes globally?


Our China’s coal- and methanol-based olefins answers these questions by delving into the intricate details of China’s coal- and methanol-based olefins (CTO/MTO) initiative and its effects on the global market. The study also explores China’s government policy, how the 13thFYP (five-year plan) will potentially guide further development, and how issues around environmental and water resources will impact this emerging force.

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