Being mostly a by-product, butadiene supply is frequently mismatched to demand, making butadiene a difficult market to predict. Untangle this complicated market with our comprehensive analyses, which ties global butadiene supply and demand, price forecasts and petrochemical feedstock trends with the relevant demand analyses from the automotive industry.

Butadiene Global Supply Demand Analytics Service

Our service offers a complete long-term picture of the global butadiene market and includes cutting-edge data, reports and forecasts through 2040, with an integrated view of crude oil, naphtha and other feedstocks through the ethylene and butadiene value chains.

Underpinned by our long-term data and analysis, this service delivers:

  • Detailed global butadiene supply/demand balances for every country in the world from 2005 – 2040
  • Integrated and realistic view of feedstock supply and derivative demand
  • Crude C4 by-product supply, generated asset-by-asset utilizing our proprietary Ethylene Asset Cost Tool
  • Demand forecasting methodology integrated with refining/fuels projections for automobile production and vehicle miles (kilometres) travelled
  • Butadiene production capacities by operator, location, technology and size
  • Market price forecasts and ratios to naphtha for butadiene in all major market centres, including key assumptions for energy and feedstocks
  • Microsoft Excel data files for butadiene:
    1. capacity and projects
    2. supply/demand balances
    3. price and feedstock costs

This service also includes a graphical user interface which, for all appropriate countries and regions of the world, delivers the following:

  • Overview of capacity, production and operating rate
  • Butadiene-to-ethylene production ratios
  • Butadiene supply in crude C4
  • Butadiene production by extraction
  • On-purpose butadiene supply, where applicable
  • Butadiene conversion by primary derivative
  • Butadiene derivative consumption
  • Butadiene trade
  • Butadiene equivalent derivative trade