Paraxylene and Derivatives

Discover information on px price and market conditions, helping you compete more effectively through in-depth analysis of paraxylene, PTA, DMT and polyester production capacity. Understand key demands with our long term supply/demand services and  monthly reports.

Our short term services provide the latest insight on market activity and trends, including our price forecast service.

Forecast weekly trends in px price and markets with our bespoke paraxylene market report

Keep up with day-to-day price fluctuations with the Daily Express and follow weekly trends, including a 3 month px price forecast, through the regional weekly report services.

Daily Express

Asia Polyester Raw Material Prices - PX Price | PCI Wood MackenzieWhat are today’s prices in Asia and what lies behind them?

The Daily Express report provides today’s Asia and China spot polyester raw material offer and bid prices. Use our easy-to-read graphical format, with headline issues affecting the daily price movement to see today’s prices and one week of history.

Weekly Polyester Cost Reports

How have prices moved in the last week, why, and what might be expected in coming weeks?

Closely following polyester raw material weekly price trends and forecasting the next three months’ market prices, the regional Weekly Polyester Cost Reports provide an insightful “leading indicator” of the coming months’ costs using illustrative charts and summary bullet points.

Monthly Report Service

What is happening in the market, why does it matter and what does it mean?

Paraxylene Market Report - Paraxylene Price Information | PCI Wood MackenzieThe Paraxylene & Derivatives Monthly Report Service is a full consultancy package focussed on short-term market issues. Benefit from detailed and timely analysis of key market sectors, charts and our industry standard Monthly Price Index to help you understand the trends and innovations driving markets.

The service includes:

  • Monthly Market Report
  • 12-month price forecasts
  • Access to our online data portal
  • Email news flash updates
  • Consultant support

The Monthly Market Report

  • World Overview headlines
  • Monthly paraxylene price page showing contract and spot prices by region
  • Detailed regional and country commercial analysis for paraxylene, PTA, DMT
  • Overview of regional polyester fibres and PET resin
  • Short-term to medium-term regional supply and demand pressures
  • Major incidents or factors affecting global or regional production
  • Trading activity
  • New capacity developments
  • Graphical representation of important trends

Online portal

Understand px price and market data when you use our online resources with information on paraxylene, PTA, DMT and polyesters.

  • Price forecast (12 month) updated monthly for mixed xylenes, naphtha paraxylene and PTA
  • Paraxylene price history – 3 year monthly price histories paraxylene, PTA, DMT, polyesters and related products
  • Price Page – customise your own monthly price page to download each month
  • Live chart library – paraxylene price, cost and margins, including PTA, DMT and polyester products
  • Latest trade data & charting facility for paraxylene, PTA, DMT
  • Reports Library – download latest and archived monthly reports

Email Flash Updates

Sent directly by email, the Flash covers upstream and downstream products, alerting you to price movements, settlements, important news and developments affecting the industry.

Long Term Supply/Demand Services

How is the industry changing in the future? This is the strategic data tool for your business.

Our Strategic Data Service offers long-term supply/demand analysis and support for your strategic planning and long-term business decisions. This premium service combines strategic, detailed, long-term capacity, production, consumption and trade data (updated quarterly and accessible in a number of ways) with price forecasting and support from our consultants through meetings and discussion:

  • 10-year forecast and historical supply/demand, updated quarterly
  • Access to our online supply/demand, pricing and trade databases
  • 36-month price forecasts
  • Quarterly Data Review presentation –  MSPowerpoint presentation using graphics, bullets and selected summary tables to guide you through the key changes that have been made to our Supply/Demand Update data and the basis for those adjustments each quarter.
  • Consultant support including meetings
  • Annual report as .pdf file

Short-term monthly supply/demand data can also be purchased as an add-on to this service.

Paraxylene Asset Cost Tool

In order to better understand how a wide spectrum of ever-changing paraxylene price and values impact the cost of paraxylene production across the world, we have developed a proprietary cost tool which looks at the multiple influences on px price and the paraxylene market, which generates a representative cost curve.

This model details absolute costs of production and relative cost positions for every producer in the world, by country, region and technology. To further enhance the model’s predictive ability, estimates of individual producers’ utilisation rates and production volumes are fed in directly from our internal supply-demand models and reflect actual physical market restrictions in addition to the cost elements of the production process. This holistic approach to cost forecasting has proved extremely useful in determining near-term market pricing and inflexion points, as well as providing a highly useful modeling tool for scenario planning purposes. While we maintain the technology, capacity, availability and base price assumptions for each asset, the user can play with Online ‘what if’ pricing scenarios & dynamics.

Visit this page for more details on our Paraxylene Asset Cost Tool.

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