Metaxylene and Purified Isophthalic Acid (IPA)

Our Metaxylene and Purified Isophthalic Acid (IPA) study enables you to assess the risks and implications of tight metaxylene supply and obtain insights on where and when new capacity will be built.

With our proprietary data and industry-leading analysis on metaxylene markets, you can benefit from a clear view of global supply/demand of this complex and opaque market. Our country-by-country trade data is designed to help you evaluate how current tight capacity will affect prices over the medium term.

Commercial planning for purified isophthalic acid and metaxylene supply

Use this service to understand IPA demand growth into the various different end-product segments and to review potential PTA conversion projects and how these could impact global and regional trade dynamics.

The study is also designed to help you to assess your business plans in the context of granular historical trade flow data plus analysis on floor price mechanisms. Details include:

  • Supply/demand by country and annual history from 2007
  • Supply/demand by country and annual outlook to 2025
  • Trade flows worldwide and on a country-by-country basis
  • Quarterly regional price history to 2010
  • Quarterly regional price outlook to 2017; annual to 2025
  • Investment options for the industry to 2025 including an assessment of current plant capacity and utilisation rates, plus a detailed review of the competitive landscape
  • Written report delivered annually
  • Consultants available via telephone to explain and discuss the outlook
  • Bi-annual data update

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