Benzene, Styrene and Derivatives

Understand the key commercial trends, supply/demand and capacity with our industry-wide styrene and benzene market report services. We provide integrated short term benzene price monitoring and long term services, alongside our other aromatics research.

View each chemical in context and understand how to position your business for commercial growth.

Benefit from an independant benzene market outlook

Drawing upon Wood Mackenzie’s market-leading analysis of the oil, gasoline and naphtha markets that impact production, our independent consultancy services provide essential data and analysis on key market sectors.

Our market analysis provides essential data on production costs associated with global supply and demand. Use our complete suite of services and data to better understand the market in context of tomorrow’s trends.

Business Report Services

Just released! – Regional Benzene Price & Styrene Weekly Cost Reports – now available with the Monthly Business Report service

Insightful analysis of key market sectors, regular and feature charts provide the answers that clients need to enhance their awareness of market trends.
The service includes:bz-cover

  • Monthly Market Report and online data
  • Weekly regional market report
  • Consultant support

Each month you will receive information on:

  • Feedstock market pricing and analysis
  • Supply/demand information on benzene market price/cost/margin analysis Asia, Americas and Europe
  • Current issues and trends discussion
  • Overview of Asian Phenol and US Cumene markets including outlook for Cumene
  • Graphical representation of important trends
  • Typically 30-35 slide report

Each subscription includes one weekly regional market report as selected by the client, plus more regions can be selected at additional cost. Weekly reports are available for Asia, (soon to be available for Americas and Europe) and are intended to provide a localised and global benzene market outlook. Data is updated over a three-month price forecast for each chemical. Each report includes energy and feedstock cost benchmarks and commentary, regional spot prices and forecast, value chain spreads, arbitrage values (as appropriate), regional styrene prices and forecast, benzene affordability into styrene indices, plus brief market commentary.

Long Term Analysis

Use our proprietary data and forecasts, updated twice a year, to understand the strategic drivers of benzene and styrene. Access granular price forecasts and a comprehensive overview of global balances. The report includes detailed benzene supply/demand analysis by technology and key derivative for regions including China, Asia excluding China, Europe and the Middle East, and North and South America.

Alongside each chemical, the report contains demand outlooks for benzene into cumene, cyclohexane and aniline, and price by region.

Data are provided both in tabular and interactive graphical formats and the report typically runs to 20 pages.

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