Can I speak with someone at PCI Wood Mackenzie?
Contact us directly at:
EMEARC: +44 131 243 4400
Americas:  +1 713 470 1600
Asia Pacific: +603 2615 0055

Can I create an account myself?
Yes – please go to our Portal and enter your details to register.

W do I log in to my private area of the website?
Please click on the button Portal in the top right hand corner this website. Please note, some of our research on benzene, ethylene, propylene and polyolefins is also available on the Wood Mackenzie website.

What will PCI Wood Mackenzie do with my personal data?
PCI Wood Mackenzie will handle your personal information in accordance with the relevant UK and international data protection laws. Your information will be treated as confidential.

Can I change my password at any time?
Yes. This can be done by selecting “edit details” on the front page of our Portal.