Our story

PCI Wood Mackenzie came together in 2015 when Wood Mackenzie, the leading provider of commercial intelligence in upstream and refining, acquired The PCI Group. By integrating our expertise, we offer you trusted intelligence that spans upstream hydrocarbons to chemicals, polymers and fibres markets.
Use our in-depth, unbiased and independent insight, to make the best commercial and strategic decisions for your business and manage risk.

As a fibres, chemicals and polymer expert, our experienced analysts, regularly in contact with industry and market leaders worldwide, can provide the insight and data you need to succeed in these rapidly changing markets.

30+ Years of Detailed Data and Proprietary Models | Polymer Expert | PCI Wood Mackenzie
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Now as part of Wood Mackenzie and Verisk, our chemicals experience is coupled with the power of the best minds in upstream and refining, chemical feedstocks, metals and mining. Use our integrated analysis to follow the molecule from well head to end products, supported by the latest critical thinking.

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