The impact of global events on Latin America’s PET industry

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Maritza Ramirez recently presented at the LAPET Meeting in Mexico city. In her presentation, “Are Changes in Global Supply and Demand Helping or Hindering the Latin American PET Industry?”, Maritza, Senior PET Consultant for PCI Wood Mackenzie, explained that PET events in China or Europe can have immediate effects in Latin America.

When China’s announcement came via the World Trade, in July 2017, that it would cease accepting PET waste from the end of the year, this created major concerns.

China cited a desire to recycle more of their own PET waste rather than importing it from overseas as the reason behind the ban. For somewhere like Mexico, this is a huge issue as China has represented 70% of its current PET scrap exports. In Latin America, countries that have been exporting PET waste to China are now looking at alternative recipients as well as promoting more of their own local recycled end-use markets. The impact of China’s decision will have global impacts too.

In addition to China’s PET waste import ban, the Mossi and Ghisolfi Group (M & G) bankruptcy, declared in early October, was reviewed. The conference highlighted some of the many questions that remain, such as how long the tight supply in Latin America will last and who will purchase Altamira, Apple Grove and Suape plants and when.

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Maritza Ramirez

Author: Maritza Ramirez

Maritza joined the PET team in 2017 with over 20 years experience in Research & Development and Commercial roles in Packaging for the Food and Consumer Goods Industries. She has a BSc. in Food Engineering from the UAM Mexico and an MBA from the University of Strathclyde, UK. Maritza led the research and development of packages, including PET and PEN Bottles for Coca-Cola. She also worked for different material packages at P&G, Kraft Foods, Alsea, Phoenix Packaging Group. Maritza’s commercial roles include Huhtamaki and McCormick for Mexico and Latin America. Contact: E T + 52 (55) 7316 21547