Bruna Angel discusses the outlook for cotton in the fibres mix

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In 2015, cotton mill consumption at 24 million tons was second only to polyester fibre mill consumption  at 48 million tons.

In 2016, absolute cotton volumes are flat, reflecting its lost market share in high-growth, high-return textile markets such as performance apparel, the auto sector, hygiene and filtration. Several key retailers and brands are starting to work more with fibres that complement their commitment to sustainability.  In spite of its ‘natural’ label, cotton needs to work harder at improving consumers’ perceptions that it is a truly sustainable fibre.

Hear Bruna discuss current trends in competitive fibres markets today, in preparation for the Conference.

Bruna Angel and other leaders from PCI Wood Mackenzie will review the competitive fibres market at the upcoming World Fibres Conference.

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Bruna Angel – Fibres             

Author: Bruna Angel – Fibres             

Bruna Angel is a specialist in spun yarn markets involving all the main chemical fibres and natural fibres.  She also provides consulting advice on current trade issues across regions and  fibres, textiles and apparel products. She spent ten years with The Woolmark company reviewing supply/demand and pricing for key players in the wool market and has carried out economic modelling of agricultural commodities for Iowa State University, USA. She holds a Bsc in Agricultural Economics from Reading University and a Masters in Economics from the LSE. Contact: Tel: +49 (0)6171 98909-0